Who we are 

Water Dimensions International forms part of the WDI Group of companies, based in South Africa.

With more than 35 years combined experience in the general water treatment industry, we operate nationally and internationally. 

We have experience in executing contracts from South Africa and most of Africa and as far as South America, Australia and the Far East. Our specialist knowledge is in the conceptual design of water treatment plants, where we often save our clients large percentages of their initial cost estimates by rethinking the process design to reduce costs and the total capital investment


Our main focus is the treatment of potable drinking water, industrial process water and waste water recycling. We also specialise in upmarket domestic and commercial swimming pools and recreational water.

Water Dimensions International has undertaken to ensure that their clients will receive a cost-effective solution for the design, supply, installation and service of modular treatment systems, components and chemicals. 

What we do

Water Dimensions International has developed a reputation in the water treatment field by designing and building advanced water treatment plants for various specific applications:

  • We do this by using modular configuration systems, where space savings are considerable and the installation arrangements can be extremely varied to suit plant room requirements to minimise used space and therefore civil costs.

  • We are capable of tackling the design of any water treatment plant application anywhere in the world.

  • We provide a competitive solution to the industry support system that has been shown to work, not only in a manner that maintains the status quo, but will improve water quality from an apparently hopeless situation.

We have been responsible for the acceptance of the concept of modular package water treatment plant equipment based on innovative designs and equipment developed by our engineers for improving the methods of water treatment in general.

Contracts taken into the Company are designed, procured, installed and commissioned entirely by our own staff of specialists in each of the above fields.