Key Features:

  • Designed to provide high quality and safe drinking water.

  • Heavy duty mobile unit, designed to operate with minimum man power.

  • Workshop fabricated and deliver in skid mounted or steel container, which convenient for delivery at minimal on site assembly and installation work.

  • Speedy delivery.

  • Integrates compact design with physical-chemical treatment, solids removal by settling, filtration and disinfection all in a single unit container.

  • Easy operation and maintenance.

The Advantages:

  • Produce safe and quality drinking water that meets the drinking water standard.

  • Units are pre-engineered, fabricated and tested at workshop, lower cost, high quality of construction and performance are assured.

  • Quick and simply site installation.

  • Less footprint and space requirement.

  • User friendly in terms of operation and easy maintenance.

  • Long service life.

System Process Description:

  • Primary clarification with settlementation process via pH adjustment and coagulation to agglomerated the fine and colloidal particulars.

  • Multimedia filter, performed as clarify water polishing unit.

  • Disinfection by injecting hypochlorite or water passing through the KLORMAN on line tablets chlorination unit.

  • Power connection/ electrical energy supply. The unit can be ordered with diesel generator set @ 15 KVA power output.

  • Connection of piping system ( for raw water supply, filtered water distribution and drainage.