Factory waste water has grown considerably over the last few decades. This requires the capability of Water Dimensions International to incorporate waste water treatment systems capable of air flotation, filtration, flocculation, acidification, pH correction, settling and oil separation to uphold the overall water quality of the environment.

Water Dimensions International also provides the capability to design water systems consisting of chlorination equipment, flocculation and dual filtration systems as required for any domestic and commercial swimming pools as well as water systems for landmark water features and fountains ranging from ponds to water walkways.

Water Dimensions International lastly also specialises in the development and instalment of a wide range of aquatic life support systems making use of bio-filters, deep bed course media-surface, airlift drivers for aerobic treatment, foam fractionators, protein skimming, dual media filtration and hydraulic design.


Water Dimensions International provide full in-house design, fabrication, supply, installation, commissioning, service and repair capabilities. Consultation and support in conjunction with dosing and control equipment, ion exchange, filter media and RO/UF membrane suppliers.

With the everyday advancements made in the industry, development and production of more efficient processes and control systems are required throughout the product design phase. With this, it is therefore imperious to maintain plant working efficiency and water treatment program order as required by certain sites.

Unmonitored speciality products could lead to over or under-dosing, thus resulting in increased costs and reduced efficiency. To reduce unnecessary effluent charges and water usage, it is imperative that the system is professionally designed, optimized and controlled for an optimal water treatment system.

WDI provides the following equipment to ensure water quality as required:

  • Proportional dosing systems.

  • Self-regulating blowdown, bleed-off, pH control and ORP control systems.

  • Pre-treatment plant in the form of ion-exchange for softening, dematerialization, ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis.

  • Post-treatment in the form of waste-water handling using precipitation methodology and reverse osmosis purification via standard or contract designed plant.

  • KPI measurement by means of scaling, fouling and corrosion monitors.


Softening systems
Iron removal systems
Settling systems
Filtration systems
Demineralization systems
Membrane systems
Bulk dosing systems
Potable water treatment package plants
Sewerage treatment package plants
Industrial effluent treatment plants
Lime/Soda & Ion exchange


Sludge blanket
Lamella Plates
Silica Sand
Activated carbon
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Ion exchange
UF & RO membranes
Dosing pumps
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Modular Containerized & Non-containerized
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